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Road Trip

4/4-4/11/17- On the road driving I-10 going west. While my granddaughter drives, I’m finishing Ch. 4 of my next novel and have been monitoring weather reports for Western Florida and southern Alabama and Mississippi. Yesterday, we stopped to tour Castillo de San Marcos in St. Augustine, Florida.

And that was the good part of our trip. Someone once said, ‘what can go wrong, will’ sums up the experience of us driving cross country from Orlando, Florida to Northwestern Arizona. We hit torrential rain in northwest Florida, tornado warnings in Louisiana. Because of the weather we totally changed our route and stayed on the I-10 planning to take I-49 to I-30. However, while driving across a 15 mile bayou bridge on the I-10 a piece of metal debris was flung up from the other lane. It hit our vehicle and we had a tire blow out. Unable to change the tire on the bridge, we limped along until we came to an exit. There we received help in changing the tire. We spent most of the next day finding a new tire and rim. Happy not to have to ever again travel that I-10, we drove the I-49 to I-30 then proceeded to drive to the I-40. I don’t mind telling you we cheered as we drove across the State line into Arizona.

Ah, tis good to be home! We arrived home Saturday evening. I managed to finish writing Chapter 4. Thus adding an additional words to THE KING’S SPY, a sequel novel to THE KING’S BLADE.

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