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I received my Master’s Degree in Curriculum-Instruction and Development from K-State while my husband was stationed at Fort Riley, Kansas. In the course of my studies I discovered I was a ‘visual learner’. In other words, I learn best when a visual aid is used. By creating a story board, I know at a glance exactly where I am and where I need to go next. I use the categories of Plot, Romance, Heroine’s Journey, Character Flaws, Villain and Suspense-(Clues I’ve used-introduced, developed & resolved). When planning a novel, I begin by deciding on a theme then I plot. I incorporate the 12 steps from The Writer’s Journey by Christopher Vogler. Therefore on my story board I have a strip of green poster board with those twelve steps labeled on it-(beginning at the bottom with Step #1 and proceeding up to Step #12. As I utilize each step, I staple a check mark over it. Thus when I have finished writing the novel, I know I have completed/included all twelve steps.

Next Week: I’ll discuss using the story board with Romance elements.

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