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As a writer

As a writer, I’m always doing research when writing a novel. In A Bride for a King,

Set in 1859 in Barovia, (western Albania) I dug into cannons used by Napoleon, military tactics, arms, Victorian costumes, society and manners.

One of the challenges I’m always presented with is the climate, weather and geography of the area I’ve chosen for my setting. My research lead me to the topic of LIGHTNING. Using the book: The Worst-case Scenario-Survival Handbook by Joshua Piven & David Borgenicht, I sued the following as a basis for a pivotal scene. Loud or frequent thunder indicates that lightning is approaching. If you see and/or hear thunder you are at risk. Often the precursors to actual cloud-to-ground strikes are high winds, rainfall, and cloud cover. Thunderstorms generally occur when humidity is at its highest, often moves west to east, occurs late afternoon or in the early evening. When lightning is seen, count the number of seconds until thunder is heard then divide the number by 5. Your answer indicates how far the storm is from you in miles, remembering that sound travels at 1,100 feet per second. If the time delay between ‘seeing the flash of lightning' and hearing the clap of thunder is less than 30 seconds -Immediately seek a safer location. Avoid high places, open fields and ridges above the timberline. If in an open area, don’t lie flat. Kneel with your hands on the ground and keep your head low. Don’t hold or have anything metal on you. Avoid isolated trees, bodies of water, oceans, lakes, swimming pools or rivers. If on a technical climb, sit on a rock or on non-metallic equipment. Tie a rope around your ankle to anchor you if a strike occurs and you are knocked-off balance. Wait for the storm to pass. The threat of lightning may persist for more than 30 minutes. When thunderstorms are in the area, but not overhead, the lightning threat can exist even when it has turned sunny, isn’t raining or when a clear sky is visible. So be aware of what is happening around you.

This information helped me create the pivotal scene in A Bride for a King, which will soon have a release date.

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