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Part 2: Romance Elements

Today I’m discussing with you Part 2 of creating and using Romance Elements on a Story Board- I base the romance elements I use in my novels on Gwen Hayes book: Romancing the Beat: Story Structure for Romance Novels. In the book, she discuss the four phases to be included in writing a romance. Within each of these four phases are five separate beats. I wrote each of the four phases with its individual five beats on hot pink poster board, laminated them and posted it on my story board. When I’ve completed each beat/phases, I staple a check mark over the phase/beat. Thus as I write, I can glance over at my story board and know at a glance exactly where I am in my novel and what direction I still need to go.

Just a quick note: While I have a natural tendency to expound on the specifics, I have been purposely leaving the specific information found within the books I’ve recommended vague due to my respect for the authors and copyright infringement laws.

Next week I will discuss Part 3- The Heroine’s Journey.

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