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Amazon Reviews for "The King's Spy": 

Vira 7/4/2020 5 stars

"A great addition to the series. Can not put it down and it is a nice break from the worries of the world right now. " 



Amazon Reviews for "The King's Blade":

JT, 5/25/2017, 5 Stars

"A wonderful story, very well written. The first book I have read in a long time that grabbed me and pulled me in within the first couple of paragraph's. Could not put it down, and cannot wait for the sequel."

Patty Pattersonon, 5/23/2017. 5 Stars

It was hard to put it down ... loved the story line and the characters.

Brenda C., a lovely e-mail from a wonderful fan

"Hello,  My name is Brenda, you left me an autographed copy of you book shortly after having your cataract surgery. I have been meaning to write you for weeks now, I apologize it took so long. I completed your book about a month or so ago, it was beautifully written! Thank you for sharing your wonderful work with me, such a great story. I have left you reviews on a couple sites I found, I'm having trouble getting it to go through on Amazon, for some reason but I will keep trying and I will recommend your book to everyone. 

I hope you keep on writing and sharing your talent. Thank you again.



Brenda C. "

Amazon Reviews for "A Bride for the King":

Loyal Clinet. 09/28/2019. 5 stars.

"I loved this book. The twists and turns of this book really keeps one on their toes while providing original comedy that will have you chuckling for days. The flow from chapter to chapter was refreshing and easy to fallow unlike some historical none fiction books out there. I couldn't put this book down and I highly recommend it!!"


Callie. 01/05/2019. 5 stars

Must read!

"It brings you back in time in a believable way and the story line was unique."


Patty Hoefer. 05/20/2019. 5 Stars

Great Read

"Loved the characters, and the story line kept me turning page after page. A great twist at the end ."

Amazon reviews for "All the King's Ladies"

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