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Carving out the time to write in a mad, crazy world.

I will be the first person to tell you, finding the time to write isn’t easy. There are lots of distractions. Your 90

year old mother (or Dad, Aunt/Uncle) needs to be driven to the grocery store/doctor/etc. You work 8/10/12 hours outside

your home and your tired (and rightly so) when you get home and you still have laundry, dinner, children, homework to

take care of. Or as I experienced three months ago, you are sitting at the bedside of your dying mother. The one brother

who lives in the area and has been a tremendous emotional support to you, has multiple sclerosis and because of his

condition he doesn’t drive after dark, you fear the physical demand and emotional trauma will be too much for him.

How then does one find the time?

You specifically have to carve out the time. To actually set aside time and do it. You need a dedicated work space.

For me, it’s the spare bedroom I’ve converted to my office. I am retired so I write/work every day. Usually I start by 8

a.m. (after I’ve straightened the house, put a load of laundry in, and did a partial prep for lunch). I stop at about 10:30 to

finish making lunch for my husband who usually comes home about 11:30. After cleaning up from lunch, I’m back in the

office, working with breaks in between until about 4:30. Depending upon what day it is and what is happening, I many

times work until 9:00 p.m. then I stop everything and sit down and relax by reading.

Next Week’s Blog topic will continue with finding the time, energy and the will power to write.

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