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Creating Characters-

Centering my characters on the romance plot, I create who my hero, heroine and villain will be. How the goals they’ve set for themselves and their motivations will play into both internal and external conflicts within themselves and with each other and enhance the plot. Then I name them.

I also include a tragic flaw for each. I grew up reading and studying Shakespeare. And therefore while teaching both English Literature and Theatre, determining the tragic flaw became a handy tool for my students. (One just as handy to use when writing.)

Once I have assembled the bare bones for my hero, heroine, and my villain, I create each individual character’s physical, economic, social, age, occupation, (what they look like: hair color, eye color, height, weight, distinguishing characteristics) ethnic background, family members with names & ages, occupation, friends with names and how they get along in relation to the hero, heroine or villain. I also include what influence the Political beliefs of that time period has had on the character, their social status, and their economic and religious beliefs. Recently, I’ve included favorite sayings, how they react to fear, anger, disappointment, joy, and what they absolutely refused to do because of fear.

Next week I will discuss finding the time to write in a mad, crazy world

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