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How do I decide on a location and plot?

By process of elimination I have narrowed down my favorite time periods to be: Biblical (to 30 A.D), Roman (753 B.C. to

330 A.D.), Byzantine & Romanesque (A.D. 400-1200), Early & Late Gothic (1200-1450), Directoire & First Empire (1790-1815),

Crinoline (1840-1865) and Modern. Not only are these my favorites for costuming but also for historical events. For me

both the time period and historical events dictates the location.

I center my plot on a significant historical event. Sometimes it is as simple as pondering a sentence I’ve read while

researching the history of the country/location I’ve chosen. Asking and answering the infamous “what if?” and then

basing the plot structure on the pattern of Vogel’s Hero’s Journey.

It’s a lot to consider but for me research and planning are essential. By narrowing the time period to one era and

choosing a significant event keeps me centered on the plot.

Next week I will discuss creating characters.

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